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WhatsApp users can set their privacy settings for three different options. These include Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. According to a WhatsApp FAQ page, there might be six different reasons why one user is unable to see someone else's last seen, profile photo, about, status, or read receipts. The reasons are as follows:.

First, Scroll down this page and see a lot Whatsapp Group. Now choose any link and click on that it redirect to a new window. So apps list on Device Choose the Whatsapp apps. Now see the WhatsApp group icon and enter Group option. Repeat the step 1.

per month, per phone number. Connect upto 5 users - $20 per additional user. Works with the Official WhatsApp Business API only. Send templated messages to a HubSpot list. Send automated status updates. Ability to use all HubSpot Properties as tokens. Use WhatsApp Messages in HubSpot Workflows as Triggers.

DL3 Realty, the firm behind the first phase of Englewood Square, which is anchored by Whole Foods Market, is behind two separate proposals focusing on the firehouse site, one of which would see affordable housing developed. Other ideas include creating a neighborhood “living room” and business incubator, a mixed-use indoor/outdoor space.

WhatsApp will never allow you to see the 'last seen' of a person if you are blocked on WhatsApp. Therefore, if you can still see the 'last seen' of a person, but only one tick, it means, the phone is either switched off, or the person is out of the network zone.

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Users can block the account while reporting it to not get any messages in the future. If at some point, users feel like unblocking the contact, they can locate the contact in the ‘Blocked’ section inside ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Unblock.’ Next: How To Change Your Profile Picture On WhatsApp. Source: WhatsApp (1, 2).